Product: Particle for iPhone


Particle is the fastest charging Solar Battery iPhone case that can charge your iPhone in indoor AND outdoor lighting! The design of Particle consists of two case. The Inner Case is a protective iPhone case which has a circular hole that can clip on to the Outer Case when a charge is needed. The Outer Case contains the solar panel, battery, circuitry, and Apple lightning pin. Particle's Outer Case features a 4000 mAh battery which equates to two full iPhone charges (+ 200% charge) and this battery is constantly being charged by the solar panel regardless of the iPhone being in the case. The green light on the back of the Particle will illuminate whenever it is charging through light.

Keep Particle's Outer Case on your car dashboard, desk, the beach, or even hang it off your backpack/briefcase to charge the Particle's battery using light while you roam around with the Inner Case on your iPhone! When you need a charge, connect the Inner Case with your iPhone in it to the Outer Case through our proprietary locking mechanism! 

Our Story

We all hate planning our day around charging our phone. It seems as if our days are physically restricted by the distance to the nearest wall outlet just so we can stay connected. There needs to be a better way.

We want to redefine what it means to charge your phone. We realized early on that there is so much unused energy hitting our phones throughout the day that could be harnessed to power our devices. Over three years ago, Rohit, our Founder, started tinkering with the idea of a solar charging solution. After setting some iPods on fire, frying multiple batteries, hundreds of iterations, and three years of research, we were able to finalize our circuitry and develop Particle, an extremely efficient solar battery iPhone case with two patent pending technologies. 

The University has an incredible ecosystem that has further helped us in the mission of bringing our product to the market. Our team has adjusted our curriculum to take Technology Entrepreneurship classes to become further involved in this ecosystem. Optivolt Labs has also won three different university start up competitions, bringing home prizes and grant money to help grow our company. We are also one of the few startups selected to participate in the iVenture Accelerator startup incubator!


Think Light.

Particle is the only Solar Battery iPhone Case which can charge in indoor AND outdoor lighting. 


Redefine Wireless Charging.

There is currently no TRUE wireless charging solution. Today, every charging solution either stems from the wall outlet or just postpones the need to be connected to the wall. Particle is the disruptive force in the wireless charging industry that will cut the cords and allow smartphone users to break free from the wall outlet!

Awards and Recognition

Optivolt Labs was chosen as a winner of the "Illini Ideas" 2 minute pitch competition. During the Spring of 2017, Optivolt Labs competed in the COZAD New Venture Competition which consisted of over 125 Technology start ups where we were finalists and prize winners. We also applied for and won the Harper Entrepreneurship Scholarship, a scholarship fund "for up and coming business leaders who seek to build lasting companies".

Our Partners

We want to give a great amount of thanks to the University of Illinois’ incredible entrepreneurship ecosystem that has been harnessed through the Technology Entrepreneurship Center. Our premier partner is the iVenture Accelerator, "An educational accelerator for top student startups”. The iVenture Accelerator provides us with incredible resources, funding, office hours with seasoned entrepreneurs, and networking events through the Chicago Entrepreneurship ecosystem.