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Rohit Kalyanpur - CEO

Rohit is studying Computer Engineering at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has been involved in Engineering and Entrepreneurship since his sophomore year of high school. He took part in a hands on engineering internship at Johns Hopkins University during the summer of his sophomore year of high school which provided him a broad skill set in engineering. At this point, he had the idea for a solar phone case which could charge phones and proceeded to apply his skills from the internship to build a prototype. After building the prototype, he cold called and networked with overseas manufacturers in the solar, battery, optics, and phone case industries to produce the product. With the product developed, he stepped foot on the University of Illinois campus with the mission to grow the company through the university's Start-Up Pitch competitions and entrepreneurial network. From an engineering aspect, Rohit conducted computer science research at the University of Southern California in the field of big data and programmed a healthcare app for cancer patients that was administered in USC’s Keck School of medicine. Rohit also qualified for the International level of the DECA Business Plan Competition in his Senior year of High school. 


Paul Couston - COO

Paul studies Industrial Engineering at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  and has also been closely involved in the startup culture on the UIUC campus. He received a certificate from the TEC in Technology Commercialization and made it to the finals during last year’s COZAD competition with his past venture Flower Power Energy. Paul has design and manufacturing skills and has been characterized as a hustler through many TEC events. Paul also serves as president of the Student Sustainability Committee, where he actively manages the nation's largest student green fund of 1.1 million dollars. These skills makes him a great addition to the team in managing the company’s design work and financials while also accelerating the company's growth through the right connections at UIUC.


Tyler Nass - CMO

Tyler is studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Nearly all of his experiences outside the classroom have been involved with Technology Entrepreneurship, from taking courses offered by the TEC at UIUC, attending startup hackathons, and working at or on several startups. He brings a very dynamic and diverse background to the table, in addition to internship experience in investment banking, materials engineering, and marketing. Since he has set foot on campus, he has been heavily involved with Founders: Illinois Entrepreneurs, where he has developed a multitude of programs for tech entrepreneurs. As an Engineer and Entrepreneur, Tyler has a voracious work ethic that continues to build upon his deep understanding of innovation and technology. Experiences aside, Tyler is a habitual reader, avid chess player, and an ultra swimmer. 

Yoshi Luo - CFO

Yoshi is studying Accountancy and Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and he began his entrepreneurial journey the Summer of 2016 with a local vehicle purchasing start-up firm as a sales consultant. He is currently a consultant in Illinois Business Consulting and a member of Stanley C. Golder Finance Academy. Yoshi believes that solar power is going to be the future for both military and civilian applications. Yoshi has many leadership experiences in school and his work ethic is exceptional. His hustler mentality makes him a great addition to the team in managing the company’s cash flow and future funding while also accelerating growth through bringing a different perspective to the company!