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Meet Particle:

The FASTEST Charging Solar Battery iPhone Case

  • Never worry about charging! Up to 200% extra charge!

  • Works in indoor & outdoor light

  • Dual case design for ease of use & customizability

  • 100% money back guarantee

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Indefinite charging



Works in indoor and outdoor light settings

The Particle Solar iPhone Case can charge your iPhone literally anywhere that has light exposure. The Particle features a Green Light that lights up whenever you are getting a charge from ANY type of light source. The case also contains a 4000 mAh battery which can provide 2 Full iPhone charges in addition to the charge in your iPhone.

Additional 200% charge!

Dual case functionality



Our design consists of two cases:

Inner Case: A protective shell that goes over the iPhone which protects the phone and is meant to be removed from the Outer Case.

Outer Case: The ACTUAL Solar Battery Pack which the Inner Case Slides on to for the iPhone to start charging. This piece contains the Solar Panel, Battery, Circuitry, and Apple Lightning Pin.

Why this design?

Smartphone users often keep their phones in their pocket where light cannot reach. Our two case design allows you to charge your Outer Case in any light setting and then return to a fully charged battery pack to plug your phone into.

Endless design options


Pick a unique design!

We will be releasing numerous Inner Cases which will feature different materials and designs. Choose which design you want to roll with depending on your mood!



Think Light.

Everyone deserves to be disconnected from the wall outlet. Optivolt Labs is the disruptive force pushing the wireless charging industry to Think Light when it comes to charging.