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Self Powered devices

unplug and play

Find out how autonomous solar charging can enable your machine to do more with less battery hassle


Solar Integration is hard. We make it Easy.


The world’s best solar cells

Cutting-edge solar chemistries that are useful for a wide array of land, aerial, marine & space applications.

Options for flexibility, deployability, durability, weather proofing, and more.


Game-changing electronics

98% peak-efficiency solar to battery power transfer in the smallest electronics foot print on the market.

Unsurpassed interoperability, connectivity, data collection & OEM integration.


From idea to production

Fully functioning solar product prototypes in a matter of weeks, subassemblies shipped or licensed to OEM.

End to end solutions customized and designed for your product’s needs.



Industry-leading solar, in the sleekest possible package

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Our UAV retrofits improve the flight time and payload capacity of fixed wing electric aircraft.


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Urban Mobility

With autonomous charging, scooters operate longer and cost less to power.


Optivolt Land Robotics.png


We enable land-roving and marine robots to charge autonomously in sunlight, and last longer between charges.


Optivolt Mobile IOT.png

Mobile & IOT

Our smallest-in-class charge controller allows for practical solar charging of portable electronics.


 Take the leap into the future of modular solar power.

Get a free solar power feasibility analysis and find out just how far Optivolt can take your product.

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