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Introducing the Future of Drone Technology




  • High efficiency Solar Drones for Commercial use
  • Seamless production integration
  • Cost efficient Solar 

Technology Featured in:

"Think Light."

Imagine a drone that runs out of sunlight before it runs out of battery. Optivolt Labs strives to push the limits of solar efficiency to make the impossible possible.

Solar Just Got An Upgrade


The Optivolt Power Management Algorithm is a patent pending power transfer system which optimizes how solar works on a small scale with lithium ion batteries.

  • Smart variable tracking system produces most efficient transfer from panel to battery in any lighting situation
  • 4 years of solar research allows for easy integration into existing products

Seamless Integration

Our integration specialists work with your product team to smoothly integrate efficient solar into your existing drone manufacturing process.


Military and Surveillance

Reliably provide surveillance and intelligence data for days at a time. Endurance you can rely on for mission critical situations.


Agriculture and Farming

Increase crop yield through the persistent monitoring of crops and farms through leveraging advanced sensors and digital imaging technologies.


Delivery, Infrastructure, and Logistics

Reliably transport medicines, food, packages, and other deliveries without worrying about power. Increase logistics productivity through constant warehouse and inventory drone inspections.